Custom Cupboard Doors

At The Cupboard Door Company we pride ourselves on high standards of workmanship, and look to provide excellence in a competitive industry. We manufacture our own MDF products, with our ranges extending from stock Shaker 90 cupboard doors, to complete kitchens tailored to individual design requirements.

Our unique selling point is one that sets us head and shoulders above our rivals! We have formulated a way to create a completely traditional bespoke door with square corners, made from just one piece of solid MDF. This means ‘no cracking’ issues for your customers.

Much of our success can be accredited to the constant desire to improve our products, and our willingness to push manufacturing boundaries to find out what’s possible. As a company we have invested in innovative technology, machinery and programming, enabling us to raise the bar on what is already an industry leading standard.

About The Cupboard Door Company

The Cupboard Door Company is the brain child of owner, Chris Warren, whose idea for the company grew out of his frustration with others. A carpenter by trade, Chris was schooled in the traditional way. With his carpentry and other skills learnt from the building industry Chris could see the shortcomings of other companies, and saw the unique opportunity to introduce a superior product to the marketplace.

Born from simple determined dedication, The Cupboard Door Company started from humble beginnings from the front room of Chris’s family home in 1986. It soon became apparent that Chris’s gut instincts were right, and as the business quickly grew, he relocated the company to a nearby industrial unit.

Chris enjoyed the support of his family right from the start, with his wife Julia helping with the administration. His daughter Lisa worked alongside her mother, and implemented a fully computerised accounting system to enable the company to work more efficiently, and meet the demands of a growing customer base. A few years later, Chris’s eldest son Craig joined the company. With Chris’s knowledge of the industry and Craig’s knowledge of CNC machines, combined with Chris’s determination to make an idea work, that others had said “could not work”, the one piece door was born.

Fast establishing a good reputation, Chris soon found he needed more space to cope with the volume of orders, and extended The Cupboard Door Company’s unit. By 1997 significant investment was needed to further increase capacity, to cater for the growing success of the business. The decision was made to relocate the factory to a much larger premises on the Cradle Hill Industrial Estate, Seaford, which is where we are today.

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